Winter time at Fursdon

It’s all about taking stock; recharging batteries and planning for spring!
We make an appraisal of how this season of holidays and house and garden visits to Fursdon has gone. What did everyone enjoy doing and did we manage to enthuse our visitors? Where do we need to make changes?
Last week my batteries were given a serious boost by joining with lots of friends in the Christmas Merry Making event at the Coach Hall. Garlands from willow, woven and entwined with fir cones berries and lights; huge swathes of pine branches all tied up with gorgeous ribbon – it certainly is good for the spirits. And talking of which – it helped to have the odd glass of hot mulled wine and slice of cake to focus any latent artistic flair. Fursdon and the local village church are ideal subjects for a bit of festive decoration.

The planning for spring bit – was mainly in the garden. Hundreds of bluebells and wild daffodils are now nestled in the Meadow Garden. I go down there every day to just look to see…….nothing yet.
The Greyface Dartmoor sheep are also planning for spring – we have a very smart pedigree ram running with the ewes for a few weeks and they all look happy.