The Meadow Garden

The Meadow Garden at Fursdon was originally planted in the 1820’s in memory of Harriet Fursdon but was not maintained so fell into disrepair.

We started to work on its restoration in 2009, excavating a pond and redefining the paths. This is an ongoing project and now work here is a combination of controlling weeds while trying to establish young plants to make an attractive woodland area.

As part of this, we have recently been undertaking to remove some of the laurels in the wooded area in the hope of making way for some more interesting shrubs and trees and allowing the naturally growing wild foxgloves in this area to flourish.

Work is ongoing in trying to establish wild flowers in a meadowed area near the pond. We are trying to suppress grass growth here with yellow rattle seed and are experimenting with planting native wildflowers as plug plants into the grassy areas – including Meadow cranesbill and Devils-bit Scabious. If successful more will be added, and hopefully will begin to self-sow.

Recently, new rambling roses have been planted, and we are experimenting with a small planting of Camassia bulbs by the pond. We have planted hundreds of bulbs to grow under the canopy of trees.

As in the main garden, we actively encourage wild life and particular types of planting and management. Eventually marginal plants will enhance the view out over “Home Meadow” and beyond to The Park.

The Meadow Garden is a short walk from the main garden and visitors can wander and enjoy this peaceful natural space, while building up an appetite for a cream tea in the Coach Hall tea room.