Spring Cleaning for holiday visitors

This time of year is always very busy in Fursdon’s lovely Park Wing, Garden Wing and Fursdon Cottage. They are being Spring cleaned. I would love to be a visitor to Fursdon’s holiday homes at this time of year when they smell fresh and cleaned to perfection. We always find a few extra pieces of equipment have crept into the kitchens when we do an inventory. Perhaps you need your own special teaspoon or vegetable knife when you go away – it’s not for us to judge!!
The beds are stripped to bare mattresses and refreshed; cushions and seat covers are removed and laundered; books are all taken off the shelves, sorted and dusted. No window pane is left uncleaned, no wood work escapes the soapy cloth and the banisters and treads are polished.
It is also an opportunity to renew information leaflets, count the packs of cards and even do the jigsaws – there is nothing worse than finding one or two pieces missing when you have cosied into the Park Wing to do a family jigsaw, or start a board game to find a crucial piece missing.
The cleaners do get a little over heated but it is all worth it. Of course, we don’t only do this in the Spring. Holiday Visitors to Fursdon expect spotless accommodation all the year round and are rarely disappointed. That’s why we have a gold star!