Magical moths

We have been delighted to welcome back Jenny and Lin from the Devon Moth Group this year, who have been trapping up at Fursdon over the course of this summer.

Moths are often overlooked in favour of their more showy butterfly relatives – and, sometimes, they are downright hated (thank you clothes moths for eating that favourite cashmere jumper)!

169 varieties, trapped this year

If you take the time to look a bit more closely – or are lucky enough to accompany someone trapping – you will discover a stunningly diverse and beautiful range of species, with an array of wonderful names to boot.

This summer, Jenny and Lin managed to trap an incredible 169 species of moth at Fursdon, including a couple of nationally scarce species including a Cloaked Carpet and an Oak Hook Tip as well as a surprise Bullrush Wainscot.

Other highlights were the Privet Hawk-moth, our largest native hawk-moth (pictured below centre on a young resident’s arm for scale!), a pristine Scarlet Tiger moth and a Pale Eggar, the first caught at Fursdon in three years.