Looking back – and forwards too…..

Looking over guests comments about their stay at Fursdon is fascinating – in a good way! Obviously I pick up hints about suggested improvements but knowing, for example, that our comfy beds and good quality linen is appreciated; the colours in the cottage feel peaceful and that the countryside is ‘magical’ – all combine to help with the old job satisfaction thingy. Keeping up with the rigours of legislation is less stimulating, but necessary.
We are offering some special deals so do have a look at the accommodation section of the website to see if you are tempted.
It’s funny how old fashioned the term ‘spring cleaning’ sounds but it’s the catalyst for a really critical look at everything we offer at Fursdon in terms of holidays or opening the historic house. Changing the costume display ready for Easter opening, reveals all sorts of insights into family history and the world in which our ancestors lived.
In the garden all the work of tidying, pruning and planning for spring and summer will soon reveal if it’s been successful or not………During research for a recent garden talk, I was reminded that there really wasn’t a garden at Fursdon when David and I came here nearly forty years ago. We had the backdrop of the beautiful landscape and some stunning ancient trees and a good starting point though.