High days, Holidays and Dog days

The ancient Romans called the hottest, most humid days of summer “dog days.” The name came about because they associated the hottest days of summer with the star Sirius, the dog-star.
This year the dog days of summer started in June but Fursdon’s holiday apartments remain an oasis of coolness and calmness. Park Wing and Garden Wing apartments both have spaces in August and into September, although I am sure most of us hope that the Devon weather will be a little less hot by then. Fursdon Cottage is dog friendly and there is shade in its garden so that everyone including the dog can keep cool.  There are still spaces here in September when the roads are quieter and the children back at school.
The walls of historic Fursdon House are thick and so the heat does not penetrate here. A guided tour on an open afternoon visit (Weds and Thurs) will ensure that you stay cool and relaxed while outside its attractive rural gardens are full of trees and large shrubs creating shade that you can stroll around, just nipping out into the sun to spot a particularly special flower.  Working on the theory that putting the right plant in the right place will help get through drought or flood, Catriona’s garden is surviving the heat very well, with only a little judicious watering used now and again. There may be brown grass and a few leaves dropping from the trees a little early but Fursdon’s country garden is otherwise looking wonderful.
When you have had your cool visit to Fursdon House and a cool stroll in the garden, it’s back to the coolness of The Coach Hall tea room – created from another stone walled building – where we serve home baked and delicious cream teas. There are tables inside and out – some in the sun, with shades or under trees. I’ll be there – in the shade. Oh and do bring the dog! There will be water and shade for him.