Happy harvest

September is our favourite month at Fursdon when the sense of peace that visitors so often comment upon becomes more palpable to those of us that live and work here!

When the children return to school, a sense of order  is restored. The frenetic energy of summer with all its comings and goings suddenly quietens. There is a new coolness to the mornings and evenings. The urge to sort out desks and sharpen pencils is hard to resist. We find it a good time to reflect and plan. In many ways, it is the real new year!

This period is also harvest season, and, in these last throes of summer, as the farmers cut their crops, we, too, get busy stockpiling for the winter ahead.

There is something primal about gathering food for winter, and we’re not surprised to learn that it can provide a natural way to release dopamine in the brain – something that goes back to our foraging instincts when food gathered in Autumn meant survival through Winter.

While things aren’t quite so bleak for us today, the rewards that come with stewed plums and porridge on a dark January morning, an apple and blackberry pie defrosted for a February Sunday lunch or a jar of Crab Apple Jelly grabbed from the larder to have with cheese at Christmas are enough motivation for us to get picking now!

Our traditional apple orchards were established at Fursdon back in 2002 by David & Catriona and are now harvested each year. After the requisite crumble making, we take the apples to be turned into apple juice, which is then sold at the tea room or put out as part of a welcome pack for our cottage guests. Any left overs are taken to the famous Sandford Orchards in Crediton, where we have the option to be paid in cash or cider!

We can highly recommend the Devon Mist…

Happy Harvest!