Meadows Day

Please join us for our Meadows Day in partnership with Devon Wildlife Trust this Bank Holiday Monday (27 May 2024).

We invite you to stroll through our Meadow Garden, where we are establishing a wildflower meadow, and on an extended walk through our old hay meadows.

These are actively managed (with advice from Devon Wildlife Trust) to promote their conservation and have recently been included in areas on the estate that have received County Wildlife Designation.

Spot the marsh orchids in our traditional meadows – they are just beginning to flower – alongside other wildflowers, grasses, bees, bugs, butterflies and moths!

Devon Wildlife Trust will be at Fursdon on the day to answer any questions visitors may have with regards meadows and their establishment and the work that they do to support the natural environment in Devon.

Watch out for :

Greater bird’s-foot-trefoil, Southern marsh-orchid, Marsh-bedstraw, Common knapweed and water mint alongside a variety of bird, butterfly and bug life and a variety of native grasses.

The meadows are accessed via our recently restored ‘Meadow Garden’ – so called in the hope that we will eventually establish another meadowed area here. Our efforts to establish yellow-rattle (harvested from our traditional meadows) alongside native wildflowers such as Meadow cranesbill and Devils-bit Scabious are a work in progress!

Please see our Opening Times & Prices for full details of our opening times on the day.