111 year old pancake

Did you know that over 100 years ago, on Shrove Tuesday, a 17-year-old George Fursdon won the annual pancake ‘Grease’ at Westminster School in London? 
Held in the School Hall on Shrove Tuesdays since 1753, the ‘Grease’ involved the Head Cook tossing a pancake over a rafter 15 feet above. Watched over by the entire school, selected scholars would then fight for the biggest piece!
In 1911, it was George (pictured here with the pancake) who prevailed, winning himself a guinea and the school a half-day’s holiday in the process.
Incredibly, the winning piece of pancake is preserved in a frame at Fursdon and is available for visitors to see when the house is open to the public.
During the conservation of this item (a story in itself!), it was confirmed that the pancake contained traces of horsehair, suggesting that it was cooked with ingredients more suited to being tossed than eaten! 
George won the ‘Grease’ again in 1912, apparently the only boy to have ever won it two years running. 
George later fought in the trenches of Flanders during The Great War.